Tesla Model 3 purchase

I purchased my Tesla Model 3 on December 6, 2019. I took delivery on December 31, 2019 at the Buena Park (CA) Tesla Delivery Center. My drive home included a stop at the UPS Store. When I stopped the car I realized I did not know how to put the car in Park. It took a good 15 minutes to figure it all out. It was back to the Tesla instructional videos for more information. Updates to follow.

EV Article at AARP

Electric Cars: Chevy Bolt EV vs. Tesla Model 3
by Jim Lenahan, AARP The Magazine, December 2018/January 2019

European Charging

Munich, Germany –  When I travel I look for EV charging stations. While walking around Munich I have seen several charging stations. Munich is the home of BMW.

There are two big differences with EV charging in the United States and Europe: standard electric service and plugs/cables for public charging.

Electrical Service: The European standard for residential electric service is 240VAC. Here in the United States the electric service is 120VAC. Here in Southern California you hire an electrician to install 240VAC service in your garage for Level II 240 VAC EV charging. It can cost you anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on city and county permit fees. The electrical service install/upgrade is before the cost of the EV Supply Equipment (EVSE aka Charging Station) which can cost you another $300 to $1000.

Public Charging Cable and Plug:  Public charging stations in the US include the cable and plug. In Europe you, the EV owner, supplies the cable with plugs on both ends. Supplying your own plug has several advantages. It can be frustrating to find a charging station only to find the plug or cable is not in working condition, broken or has been crushed by a car tire (I have seen broken plugs with live electrical wires exposed.). In Europe you are in charge of plug and cable quality. I like that.

Tesla Model 3 – Do I Fit?

Wanting to know if I could fit in a Tesla Model 3 (I am 6’4″ tall), today I visited the Tesla store at a local shopping mall in Brea, California. While I have seen the several Model 3s on the roads and freeways here in Southern California, I had not seen the Model 3 up close and personal. The store had several Model S charging in the parking structure but not a Model 3. In the store there was a Model 3, a Model X and a Model 3. The store was busy, very busy.

I walked over to the Model 3 and waited for the five teenage boys seated in the car to finish their evaluation of the center console and it’s ability to play their favorite music. As the teenager in the drivers seat got out I asked him if he knew the price of the Model 3, he told me he had no idea what it cost. I told him it started at $49,000. By the look on his face I could tell he was shocked. I suggested to him to study hard, graduate high school, go to college, graduate with a degree in a area in demand, get a well paying job and save 25 percent of his take home pay. He thought about it for 30 seconds as he looked at the car. He gave me a thumbs up.

I jumped in the drivers seat. There was a lot of room. More than I had imagined. I fit!

The steering wheel is adjustable from a setting in the console which activates a small thumb roller ball. You can adjust the steering up and down. The steering wheel is also telescoping via the same roller ball.

After sitting in the Tesla Model 3 I really like this car.

CA EV Rebate May Go Up

Today, if you live in California and buy an EV you may qualify for a rebate of $2,500. With the California rebate and the $7,500 Federal tax credit California EV buyers can save $10,000 when purchasing a new EV.  According to an article at Bloomberg by John Lippert, the State of  California may be expanding the rebate by an additional $2,000 to a total of $4,500.

Buying An EV?

Today EV buyers have many choices. The EV marketplace is growing almost daily. Tesla, Nissan, Ford, GM, BMW and several other automobile manufacturers are producing EVs or have plans to produce a line of EVs.

The EV Guy has owned and driven the Nissan LEAF EV since July 2013. Overall EV ownership has been an excellent experience. I mostly charge at home on oneof two charging stations (EVSE).